San Bernardino County Property Tax Assessment Appeal


The regular filing period for the County of San Bernardino begins July 2nd, 2013. You can file your appeal application online electronically. See below for more info.

The Board of Supervisors of each California county serve as local representatives of the California State Board of Equalization and are tasked to ensure the equitable valuation and taxation of property within their county. The assessed value of property is determined by the Assessor and forms the basis upon which property tax is calculated and collected by the Treasurer-Tax Collector.

Initially, when a property owner believes the assessed value of their property, as determined by the Assessor, is incorrect, they should contact the Assessor’s Office to discuss the matter. The Assessor can receive and provide information about the property value, explain the valuation process and/or reassess the property. If a difference of opinion of value still exists, the property owner can file an “Assessment Appeal” to dispute the value assigned by the County to real (land and structures) and/or personal (business fixtures, boats, planes, etc.) property. In general, property owners appeal in order to have their property values decreased and, during the appeal hearing, the property owner can present evidence to support the appeal.

The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors appoints “Assessment Appeals Board” members and “Assessment Appeals Hearing Officers” to arbitrate disputes regarding the assessed value of property. These appointees must have experience in the fields of real estate, property appraisal, accounting, or law. After consideration of the evidence presented, the Assessment Appeals Board or Hearing Officer may determine that the property value should be decreased, increased or remain the same. If the property value is increased or decreased, the property owner will have a corresponding adjustment in taxes to be paid on the property.

To learn more visit the County of San Bernardino Clerk of the Boards Website: 

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